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We’re a new
kind of finance company.

SoFi’s turning the very idea of banking on its head and creating an experience that puts our members first. We offer better rates, zero fees, unprecedented service, and an awesome set of perks. Our goal is to help each of our members achieve their goals. Because when they succeed, we succeed. Pretty awesome, huh?

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Whether you need help negotiating or networking, our team is here to help you succeed.


We’re available 7 days a week to answer your questions—over the phone, online, or on social media.


From happy hours to panel sessions, SoFi events are perfect for connecting with other members.


Our services are designed to move you forward, and protect your information while doing so.

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Our members make
SoFi a community.

SoFi stands for social finance. And we take that social part seriously. Our community is filled with some amazing individuals who are on their way to accomplishing great things. We’re all about getting to know them—and getting them to meet each other.

SoFi Member
“SoFi had competitive rates, excellent customer service and an easy process using the latest technologies.”

Kyle Lui

Northern California

SoFi Member
“The process was so easy and the turnaround was extremely fast, enabling me to meet a tight payment deadline.”

Susan Devine

Southern California

Personal Loan
SoFi Member
“Making it happen was simple. I’ve been a customer for almost two years and it’s been great.“

Chris Martinez


Student Loan Refinancing
SoFi Member
“I know I’m making progress and [SoFi has] given me the freedom to invest that money in other assets.”

Dr. Jared Pool

University of the Pacific

Student Loan Refinancing
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What we look at
when we lend.

Our unique approach to underwriting looks at where you are today and where you’re headed.
We take a number of dimensions into consideration, including:




Monthly Income
vs. Expenses





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