financially ever after

The pandemic has put many relationships to the test. Beyond being stuck at home, couples have seen their financial situations impacted in ways no one could have predicted.

Watch our one-of-a-kind virtual event as we dive deep into the very real money challenges couples have faced during this time, hosted by Lauren and Cameron from Netflix’s Love is Blind and special guest relationship therapist Esther Perel.

Download the essential money questions developed by Esther Perel.

Real couples. Real challenges.
Really uncertain times.

Watch Esther Perel guide SoFi member couples through workshops to learn how
they can face their pandemic-related money challenges, together.

To Save or Stress Spend in Uncertain Times

When COVID hit, all of Anthony and Jhanilka’s side hustle income immediately dried up. Now, how they spend and save isn’t so simple—and they can’t agree on the right approach. Watch Esther Perel give insightful advice on how to navigate this challenging situation.

Affording Adoption in a Post-Pandemic World

The side hustles that had allowed Eric and Alexis to build their savings to adopt a child were brought to a standstill during the pandemic. Now, with their dream of a child even further out of reach, Esther Perel gives them a new way to think about how this may end up changing their relationship for the better.

Navigate money talk in quarantine—with help from Esther Perel.

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