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The Entrepreneur Springboard

The SoFi Entrepreneur Program will provide seed capital, an accelerator program, and a demo day for a select group of our members’ companies each year.

  • Next round of applications due: December 1, 2017
  • New program members announced: December 15, 2017
  • Next program start date: January 22, 2018

Accelerator Benefits


SoFi will invest seed capital into your company.

& Resources

Access the tools you need to build your company.


Access to SoFi members to test and share your company.

Access to

Pitch top tier VCs and Angels at SoFi Demo Day.

Application Requirements

SoFi Member

You have an existing relationship with SoFi across any of our offerings.

Active Company Involvement

You are a founder or co-founder and are working on the company full or part-time.

Promising Business

You are building an innovative and scalable tech-enabled business.

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Program Alumni


Benny Joseph

Automated online tax planning for consumers (acquired by Intuit)

Funding Circle

Sam Hodges
Alex Tonelli

Marketplace lender for small businesses


Bradley Buda

Password and account management solutions for cloud services (acquired by LogMeIn)


Andrew Dietrich

Secure credit card that gives consumers unique card numbers for each merchant transaction

The Tot Squad

Jennifer Beall

On-site cleaning, repair, and install of car seats and baby gear


Christine Luby

Direct-to-consumer perfume brand

Strike Brewing Company

Jenny Lewis

Craft brewery

Tenant Turner

James Barrett

Property management service to match tenants and rental properties

Utility API

Elena Foukes

SaaS API for customer utility data to enable the new energy economy


Niles Brinton

Biochar soil amendment sales and distribution for commercial agriculture


John Ciecholewski

Smart lighting and software that mimics nature to promote circadian health

ManUp Health

Sean Eldridge

Male fitness nutrition and training program


Chiara McPhee
Jen Kessler

E-marketing tools for small businesses

Cancer IQ

Feyi Olopade

A digital toolkit to deliver cancer risk assessment and genetic testing services at scale


Peter Akman

Cloud- and sensor-based software to enable organizations to manage facilities and physical assets

Traveling Spoon

Stephanie Lawrence

Connecting travelers with authentic food experiences in hosts’ homes


Ian Shakil

Google Glass app for doctors to access patient health records


Van Standifer

Management platform for parking operators to expand urban parking supply


David Zakariaie

Biometric deception detection through detailed image processing of iris and eye muscles


Justin Randolph

A curated marketplace for off-the-beaten-path accommodations - Airbnb meets the National Geographic traveler


Katelyn McClellan

A sunscreen application system that applies sunscreen from head to toe in 10 seconds


Ben Silverman

Data driven aquaponic farming


Elien Becque

Roommate matching platform that algorithmically sorts and ranks roommates based on compatibility


Bryanne Leeming

Interactive products for children to learn how to code while being physically active and socially engaged

Well Connected Now

Lisa Abdilova

Well Connected Now personally matches professionals to mentors, coaches, and therapists


Sergio Marrero

Expedia for higher education


Meghan Holzhauer

A wellness hospitality company building the industry’s first wellness-focused coworking spaces


Gerren Scoon

Redefining the retirement relocation process screening for detailed retiree interests and specific location amenities

Stasis Labs

Michael Maylahn

Patient health monitoring devices powered by the cloud

R.F. Madison Co.

Kevin Flammia

Data-driven menswear for the tall, lean demographic


Leonard Hinton

Customized financial solutions for out of pocket medical expenses


Minki Jung

Social platform to help young professionals better understand and manage their student debt through games

The Gathering Spot

Ryan Wilson

An innovative, private, members-only city club that brings together a motivated community of professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs


Daniel Tewfik

Sumu helps you find and secure your next home


Mark Pawloski

Technology platform that provides innovative hiring solutions for a diverse workplace


Michael Zanetti

Tradesfactor is the professional network for the skilled trades

DIGI Search

Chris Brown

Online marketing for dentists and the medical industry

Good Stock

Ben LeBlanc

Good Stock is a new restaurant that focuses solely on making great soup

Wandering Bear Coffee Co.

Matthew Bachmann

Cafe-style iced coffee, now easy to enjoy at home and at work


Lindsay Litowitz

Connecting international travelers with locals for personalized tours and experiences


Brett Plotzker

Out-of-network health insurance reimbursement

Bitwise Industries

Jake Soberal

Co-working space and technological education center


Benjamin Jack

Health system CRM to help hospitals improve patient retention and increase revenue

CSS Nanotech

Daniel Paul Hashim

Nanotechnology-based filtration membranes for the Oil & Gas Industry

Local Libations Shipping Co.

Alexander Pollard

Alternative distribution and logistics for local craft brewers

Metrix Health

Mathew Thomas

Enterprise analytics and Google Glass software to streamline clinical workflow


Andy Blechman

Messaging for independent artisans and brands

Axio Global

Scott Kannry

Cybersecurity technology for the insurance industry

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