September 4, 2021

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The Week in Review

US stocks climbed Monday as investors continued to react to comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Powell emphasized that the Fed does not plan to increase interest rates anytime soon, and also spoke about how he is still confident that inflation trends will be short-lived.

US stocks hovered near record highs Tuesday, the last trading day of August. Stocks ticked upward for most of the month of August, thanks to strong second-quarter earnings reports, easy monetary policies, and low trading volumes. The Federal Reserve has announced it will begin scaling back its bond-buying later this year, but does not have plans to increase interest rates from close to zero.

Heading into the fall, investors face uncertainty surrounding the Delta variant of COVID-19. Data released Tuesday showed that consumer confidence in the US in August fell to its lowest level since February, largely due to concerns about the Delta variant and the possibility of restrictions on businesses in the fall and winter.

Zooming out, September started earlier this week, which is the last month of the third quarter. Stocks climbed gradually over the summer. Wall Street was optimistic that as the economy regained strength, corporate profits would increase. Heading into this month investors will be focused on several events which could move markets.

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This Week’s Top Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has created financial difficulties for millions of households. Even before COVID-19 struck, consumers were struggling with financial insecurity. Heading into the pandemic roughly one third of American households were not able to handle an unexpected $2,000 bill while slightly more than one third found it hard to cover their monthly expenses.

Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spoke about the central bank’s monetary policy plans in the upcoming months. This was part of the Fed’s annual Jackson Hole conference, which was held virtually. The Fed has implemented a historic response to pandemic-related economic downturn. Now, the bank is making plans to scale back these measures and help the economy regain normalcy.

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The Benefits of Automating Your Finances

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