June 5, 2021

Amid evolving news surrounding COVID-19 and the economic reopening, your financial needs are our top priority. For more information,click here.


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The Week in Review

This week, so-called “meme stocks” were on the move again, with AMC jumping 95% on Wednesday, June 2.

A slew of economic data was released, most of which broadly pointed to a recovering economy. However, markets were mixed in reaction as they also weighed the risks of rising volatility and increased speculative trading.

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This Week’s Top Stories

AMC Entertainment’s shares hit an all-time high this week because of strong box office results over Memorial Day, a stock sale, and other factors. Learn more here.

Americans who paid down high interest credit card debt have options in getting rid of other debt. Learn more here.

We hear a lot about the measurable economic facts that tell us what people are doing. But what about how they’re feeling? Turns out, we can measure that, too. Learn more in Liz Young’s latest column here.

Deep Dives from SoFi Learn

Learn how the credit rating scale works with Understanding the Credit Rating Scale. Plus, we’ll explain how lenders make different lending decisions based on a credit rating scale.

Nothing says date night like a budgeting spreadsheet, right? Money experts answer financial questions from real couples about debt, prenups, shared accounts, and more in Financial Planning for Couples.

In plenty of ways, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies still work like many other financial assets, and that means that you can borrow against your Bitcoin holdings. Read more about How to Get a Bitcoin Loan on SoFi Learn.

The Importance of Credit Scores

Data analyst Cynthia Frelund breaks down the basics of credit scores. Watch the video to learn about what a credit score is, what makes up your score, and why it matters.

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