April 17, 2021

Amid evolving news + uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, your financial needs are our top priority. For more information on COVID-19 and your finances click here.


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The Week in Review

Investors started the week awaiting a ramp in earnings reports and key consumer pricing data with a focus on inflation risks.

Markets were up midweek despite apprehension following negative vaccine news and an inflation reading that was a touch higher than expected.

Toward the end of the week, strong earnings and notably better-than-expected economic data powered markets ahead.

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This Week’s Top Stories

The pandemic has changed shopping habits, prompting McDonald’s to close many of its locations inside Walmart stores. Learn what’s behind the fast-food chain’s decision.

Luxury goods sales are making a comeback as the global economy begins to recover. Learn how LVMH is benefiting from this trend.

The IPO market is heating up. Learn about several important companies which made their public debuts last week.

Deep Dives from SoFi Learn

One of the secrets to Warren Buffett’s success: The buy and hold strategy, in which investors hang on to their investments in hopes of long-term growth. Here’s a closer look at what the strategy entails.

Recently, there’s been a new gold rush—sort of. At the very least there’s been a rush of new folks trying their hands at mining. But these new miners aren’t chasing veins of gold deep in the earth...they’re mining Bitcoin. Learn more about How Bitcoin Mining Works.

To answer your tax questions, we’ve compiled a selection of informational articles about such main tax topics as capital gains, retirement savings, stock options, refunds, and more. Visit SoFi’s Guide to Understanding Your Taxes to learn more.

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