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What the Fed’s Latest Move Means for Mortgage Loans

The Fed made headlines this week when it announced it will raise its key interest rate for the first time in nearly a decade. While the initial increase is a marginal 0.25 percent, the Fed’s plan to steadily increase rates over the next few years clearly has implications for the broad economy – not to mention individuals like you and me.

Homeowners and prospective homebuyers in particular may be wondering what this news means for mortgage loan rates. Let’s take a look at four different types of mortgage borrowers and how they could be affected.

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negotiate salary like a pro

How to Negotiate Salary Like a Pro (Contrary to Popular Wisdom)

We build and manage our careers one conversation at a time.  Some of those conversations are easy, some hard, but few cause more stress than negotiating an offer.

In fact, salary negotiations can be so stressful that many people avoid them altogether.  According to a recent PayScale study, 57 percent of those surveyed have never asked for a raise in their current field.

What’s stopping you?

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How Business School Helped Two MBAs Follow Their Cold-Brew Coffee Bliss

When Matt Bachmann decided to get his MBA three years ago, he didn’t imagine it would lead to a startup fueled by his favorite beverage. “I was committed to using the time as a break from the corporate world, and I knew I wanted to explore entrepreneurship,” says Bachmann. “But I had no idea what the final outcome would be.”

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