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Great Ways to Borrow Money When You Need It

You think you have everything squared away. Your rent is paid. Your student loans are covered for the month. You even have some extra cash to try out the new craft brewery with your friends this weekend.

Then, suddenly a financial disaster strikes. Maybe your beloved dog gets sick or maybe your faithful old clunker of a car suddenly breaks down. All you know is that you need money and you need it quickly.

Of course, there are a number of reasons you might need a sudden infusion of cold hard cash that don’t involve trips to the pet ER or the mechanic. Maybe you want to refinance your credit card debt. It doesn’t matter as much why you need money as it matters where you’re going to get it.

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What Happens To The Stock Market During The Holidays?

During the holiday season, the activities and schedules of Americans tend to change as families and friends take time off to gather together to celebrate. And it isn’t unusual for some traders to also leave work behind to take an extended break from typical routines.

How, though, do traders and investors adjust their schedules in Q4? How do they tweak their investment strategies?

In this post, we’ll offer insights into how stock market activity during the holidays typically compares to the rest of the year, and share information about Christmas stock market trends and historical December stock market trends, overall.

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How to Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe When Online Shopping

Online shopping has never been easier or more popular with consumers. The bargains are mind-boggling. The selection is vast. Shipping is often free and fast. And those dreaded returns are getting simpler all the time.

According to the 2017 Deloitte holiday retail survey , the Internet isn’t just for browsing anymore. In past surveys, Deloitte found consumers were going online to find deals and recommendations, but when it came time to actually making a purchase, shoppers still hit the stores.

Last year, survey respondents said they planned to spend 51% of their holiday gift-buying budget online, compared with 42% in-store. And the National Retail Federation reported a year over year increase in online “and other non-store” sales of 11.5% in 2017.

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Panel Discusses Student Loan Debt Gamechanger

As student loan debt climbs to unheard-of heights ($1.5 trillion ), a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College shows that graduates with student debt are saving only half as much for retirement as students without debt.

On the other hand, companies can struggle to recruit and retain top talent—and that’s another big problem.

A private letter ruling from the IRS , though, has people all across the country—from consultants to lawyers to industry execs to government officials, all the way to Congress—buzzing about a solution with the potential to help solve both problems.

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